Immigration to Turkey from Russia attracts interest in life, business, education and work. The likelihood of obtaining citizenship is relatively simple, moving and adapting are not very difficult.

The Turkish authorities strongly encourage the purchase of real estate by foreigners. One of the measures to increase sales is the opportunity to obtain citizenship when buying a home. Amendments in bidding, obtaining a passport for investment, have brought benefits to both the state and foreigners. Turkey has received capital gains and high incomes for developers, foreigners - the opportunity to quickly obtain citizenship and the benefits associated with it.

Immigration to Turkey from Russia for permanent residence: the procedure for obtaining citizenship

When obtaining citizenship by investment, you do not need to take a Turkish language exam, take an oath or pass additional interviews. The procedure is as follows:


Selection and purchase of real estate.

Preparation of documents.

Paperwork for the purchase of real estate.

Obtaining a residence permit.

Applying for citizenship.

Getting a passport.

Benefits of obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real estate:


Save time: citizenship can be obtained in 3-6 months. For comparison: when obtaining citizenship through marriage, the process can take up to three years.

When buying real estate, you can obtain citizenship for the next of kin: spouse, minor children and disabled disabled children over 18 years of age. Documents for all family members are submitted together.

Economic benefits and return on investment: the purchased object can be rented out, and three years after the purchase - sold, keeping the passport.

Opportunity to retain Russian citizenship.

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