A Turkish residence permit when buying a property is a relatively simple and quick way to legally reside in a Mediterranean country. Many citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan buy housing here in order to spend most of the year in an area with a mild southern climate. The status of residence permit in Turkey is less prestigious than in the EU countries. However, a residence permit in Turkey for Russians has its advantages, and every year there are more and more of our compatriots among those who want to move to Turkey. What is the secret of such popularity? We will try to answer this question in this article.

Residence permit in Turkey when buying property

The Republic of Turkey is not a member of the European Union, which means that a residence permit in Turkey when buying real estate in 2020 does not give the right to enter the countries of the Schengen zone. Joining the EU is economically and politically beneficial for the country's authorities, but so far attempts to get there have not been successful. Turkish residence permit is quoted lower than Greek or Spanish. And yet, Russians are among the top 10 foreigners applying for a residence permit. Let's try to figure out why this is happening.


Russian citizens receive residence permits in European countries for the sake of a higher standard of living, the ability to travel around Europe without visas, quality medical services and education, security and stability. But getting a European residence permit is quite difficult. There are not so many legal ways of permanent residence in Europe.


If a Russian citizen does not plan to study at a foreign university, is not going to get married, and does not have a profession that is in high demand, the possibilities of moving abroad are sharply narrowed for him. However, there remains one way that is relevant for people of all ages and occupations - the residence permit program for real estate. The bottom line is simple: a foreigner buys a room (or several) for a certain amount, and for this the country gives him the right to a residence permit.

The program works only in a few European countries, and in most of them there is an entry threshold (the minimum price of real estate for which you can get a residence permit):

Greece - from 250,000 euros;

Latvia - from 250,000 euros;

Portugal - from 280,000 euros;

Malta - from 220,000 euros;

Cyprus - from 300,000 euros;

Spain - from 500,000 euros.

Getting a residence permit in Turkey through the purchase of real estate is much cheaper than in Spain or Greece. You can submit documents after purchasing any premises, regardless of the cost. It can be a budget studio or a spacious apartment with several balconies. For comparison: a three-room apartment in Alanya can be bought for 60,000-70,000 euros. That is why many of our compatriots choose Turkey as a country for permanent residence. For citizenship in Turkey when buying real estate, you can apply for homeowners from $ 250,000.

Turkish real estate residence permit program: advantages

In addition to closing the entry threshold, the Turkish residence permit has other advantages:

Living in a prosperous country with a stable economy. In Turkey, not only tourism is well developed, but also mining, automotive and textile industries, as well as agriculture.

Access to quality healthcare. Turkey is in the top 20 popular American countries, Turkish medical centers are considered among the best in Europe.

Friendly attitude towards Russians. Residents of Turkey are generally friendly to foreigners, Russians are rarely discriminated against and hostile.

Easy adaptation. There are compactly located Russian communities in large Turkish cities. If hit, you can settle in an area where Russian-speaking employees work in shops and in the service sector.

Comparable to the Russian level of prices. For example, clothes and an average grocery basket in Russia and Turkey cost about the same.

Developed infrastructure. Turkey is building modern residential complexes with playgrounds, gyms, and shops.

After five years of residence in a residence permit, it became possible for Russian citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship. At the same time, Russia refuses passports. At the same time, dual citizenship with Turkey is not provided: there is no corresponding organization between the two countries. This means that you can combine a Turkish passport and a Russian passport, but Turkey will treat the person solely as its own citizen. For example, the obligatory military excitability of inflammation.


The authorities are doing everything to make living in the apartment comfortable. And their losses bring results: wealthy foreigners move to the country, buy housing here and invest in the Turkish share.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit:

1. application for a residence permit;

2.four biometric photographs;

3.passport: original and copy;

4. copy of the certificate of ownership of housing - TAPU;

5.certificate from the Cadastral Office confirming the validity of TAPU;

6. medical insurance.